Bean to Brew


Rock ‘n’ Joe’s award winning roaster Dillanos is based in Seattle, Washington. Coffees of authentic quality require tireless dedication and strong international ties. These values are the foundation of Dillanos’ green coffee buying process. While sourcing coffees from East Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific, Dillanos has established strong relationships with their partners at origin to ensure the consistency of their supply chain. Dillanos' cupping team spends countless hours tasting potential coffees verifying the quality and profile to ensure that each cup meets a rigorous standard.

Rock ‘n’ Joe’s offer a wide variety of organic single origin coffees, organic blends, Fair Trade certified coffees, and also select offerings from Dillanos’ Direct Relationship Coffee Program. The Direct Relationship Coffee Program is designed to create a sustainable and profitable supply chain that benefits everyone from the producer all the way to the retailer. Dillanos pays well above market price for all Direct Relationship coffees using a verifiable, transparent process. Dillanos support helps producers address many of their long-term challenges.

The Direct Relationship Coffee Program is the pinnacle of their green sourcing efforts and involves a direct relationship with each coffee farmer. Each relationship grows from a sincere desire to work with passionate, committed coffee farmers. They start by searching the globe for the world's most exceptional coffees, and then visiting the cooperatives and estates of the people who grow them. While sitting at the farmers' dining room tables and playing with their children, Dillanos learns about their coffees from every angle, from the plant varietals to harvesting & processing. The program is designed to create a sustainable and profitable supply chain that benefits everyone from the producer all the way to the Rock ‘n’ Joe.


Roasting is a craft that requires skill, passion and a deep understanding of how the smallest time and temperature adjustments can affect the development of the coffee. Led by Dillanos' Director of Coffee Phil Beattie, a skilled roaster carefully handcrafts each and every batch, using all of their senses to encourage a roast's visual, aromatic, and flavor development. The roaster’s skills are supplemented with state-of-the-art roasting equipment, including a pair of highly calibrated drum roasters. They put all our coffees through extensive testing during the roasting process, recording every detail and measuring every variable so each coffee is roasted with accuracy and precision. This includes analyzing the moisture content and determining a coffee's precise degree of roast, two critical variables in roasting consistency. This marriage of age-old roasting techniques with modern equipment helps them bring out the best in every coffee.



Each beverage is created by Rock ‘n’ Joe’s highly skilled baristas with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Much like the art form of the music playing in the backdrop of each Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee Bar, the craft of beverage making is an art form performed by every barista.    

Our signature coffee is a tremendous source of pride for us. Our awards reinforce that Rock ‘n’ Joe consistently provides one of the best cups of coffee around… Period. Rock ‘n’ Joe, offers signature blends of coffee with a smooth taste; a smart alternative to the specialty coffee chains that are known for the powerful, burnt taste of their brews.  Rock ‘n’ Joe’s commitment to quality coffee has been rewarded with recognition and accolades from customers and industry experts alike.

Our baristas salute to you… cheers!