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We are looking for people that are passionate about coffee, and have the desire to serve. At Rock ‘n’ Joe we are looking to create memories one cup at a time and we are looking for top talent to get on stage with us and create something truly special. Rock 'n' Joes is a 3rd wave specialty coffee bar looking to bring a higher level of service, connection, and food to specialty coffee. We are going to treat people so great that we leave them saying "wow that made my day". We want you to get to know the people you serve, not treat them like a transaction. We want people leaving not just saying, "Wow that’s a great cup of coffee," but saying, "Wow what a great cup of coffee and it was great to see (your name) again".

Are you ready to have a Rock ‘n’ Joe time?

Then apply to work at the hottest concept to hit coffee, since coffee itself.

We are accepting applications for:

  • General Manager (Lead Singer)
  • Assistant General Manager (Back-up Vocals)
  • Shift Supervisors (the Band)
  • Barista (Beverage Artist)

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