Our Story

In the early 1990s, the Rock ‘n’ Joe brand was inspired by two things: the growing popularity of specialty coffees and sandwiches among American consumers, and rock music and memorabilia. Imagine a coffee bar that would go beyond merely imitating the competition to offer people something completely different. Envision a cafe where people would gather to enjoy first-rate coffee, outstanding sandwiches, and delicious pastries in a cozy and laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of an exclusive backstage lounge. In 1993, that vision became a reality with the opening of the first Rock ‘n’ Joe in New Jersey. Legendary rock music filled the air, colorful album covers lined the walls, and the coffeehouse and bistro was an immediate success. 



The popularity of that first location quickly attracted interest from franchisees eager to play a role in expanding the business. However, the brand was committed to maintaining its precise standards and ensuring that customers of future locations would be able to enjoy the same Rock ‘n’ Joe experience they’d come to expect. As the company expanded across New Jersey, the brand remained diligent about perfecting everything from floor plans and friendly staff practices to business systems and outstanding recipes. In 2013, the brand found a partner that shared both its vision and its commitment to excellence, and Rock ‘n’ Joe was acquired by Ablak Holdings. Ablak Holdings boasts over 25 years’ experience managing and franchising food businesses, and Chairman Varol Ablak is excited about a bright future for the Rock ‘n’ Joe franchise family.


As Rock ‘n’ Joe is poised to expand on a national level, the vision for a coffee bar that went beyond what the competition was doing can still be seen in each store. Today’s customers encounter a new third-wave coffee bar design, with artisan drinks focused on quality and craft with music brewing in the décor and air. And at the heart of it all remains the brand’s signature blend of coffee, the same coffee that has inspired the Specialty Coffee Association of America to honor Rock ‘n’ Joe with the “Golden Cup” award.  At Rock ‘n’ Joe the guest will be treated to an environment that is committed to the craft of making the perfect beverage, from our drip coffee of the day, to a special single origin coffee made in a pour-over method. Our beverage artists are committed to making the perfectly balanced delicious espresso beverages; from a shot of espresso to a vanilla latte and our signature beverages and everything in between, our goal is to ROCK you with every cup of Rock ‘n’ Joe.

And our Baristas say… welcome to the new day.