In the early 1990s, the Rock ‘n’ Joe brand was inspired by two things: the growing popularity of specialty coffees and sandwiches among American consumers, and rock music and memorabilia. Envision a cafe where people would gather to enjoy first-rate coffee, outstanding sandwiches, and delicious pastries in a cozy and laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of an exclusive backstage lounge. In 1993, that vision became a reality with the opening of the first Rock ‘n’ Joe in New Jersey. Legendary rock music filled the air, colorful album covers lined the walls, and the coffeehouse and bistro was an immediate success. The popularity of that first location quickly attracted interest from franchisees eager to play a role in expanding the business.

We've come a long way since those early days in 1993. Today Rock 'n' Joe is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we have stores in 3 states. Throughout this journey we have remained true to our roots, blending truly great coffee with rock 'n' roll energy. It's all about creating the best cup of coffee, from the best beans and the perfect roast to our knowledgeable baristas, the Rock 'n' Joe experience is still what sets us apart.